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Optic atrophy client good feedback
She suffers from optic atrophy, and after using hydrogen as an auxiliary treatment, she has greatly improved. She said frankly that hydrogen has helped her family improve their health
One of my clients, who suffers from optic atrophy, could not see colors and shapes in her right eye, now she can see some colors and shapes, and can walk on the street easily.
She also mentioned molecular hydrogen therapy to those around her as a very helpful and health-improving method.
After her brother was infected with the new crown, his blood pressure was very high. He drank hydrogen water twice a day, and his blood pressure returned to normal.
After her boyfriend was infected with the new coronavirus, ferritin and plasma iron, he frequently inhaled hydrogen molecules twice a week, and his ferritin and iron levels dropped
Her asthmatic mother had scar tissue in her lungs, and molecular hydrogen therapy made her feel better.
At the same time, she said that they do sports, walks, hydrogen molecules are very helpful for muscle regeneration, they have more energy and are not so sick anymore
This is also a very generous customer who agreed to share her example with everyone to help more people.
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