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Best Molecular Hydrogen Gas Generator Inhalation Machine Dr.wellness 1500ml YL-1500


The effect is obvious in four aspects: 

1. For people with sleep disorders, because of excessive pressure and excessive use of the brain, the brain is hypoxic. By Inhaling hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas, it can balance the loss of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, relieve and relax the nerves and improve sleep quality.
2. It can significantly improve allergic rhinitis.
3. Hydrogen-oxygen mixture can quickly improve the symptoms of respiratory diseases (cough, shortness of breath and dyspnea, etc.).
4. For cancer patients, it was found that inhaling hydrogen-oxygen mixture can improve symptoms such as sexual fatigue, pain, sleep-disordered breathing, and loss of appetite. role in inhibiting tumor growth.

Dr.wellness YL-900A hydrogen inhalation advange: 

1.Imported American DuPont platinum N117 proton membrane, has a longer life than traditional membranes.
2.Medical, food-grade electrolyzer, more safer.
3.Aluminum alloy shell, more advanced, strong and durable.
4.Super large touch screen, ultra-clear display, real-time display of 99.99% hydrogen concentration, hydrogen flow and working hours.
5.Four automatic detection and alarm functions: Lack of water, over heating, high water level, water quality TDS Alarms, more convenient.
6.The interior is compact and reasonably designed, small in size, light in weight, equipped with universal wheels, and a pull handle, which is convenient for the elderly to move.
7.With child lock function, you don't have to worry about children touching it, making it safer to use.
8.One-button start, timing function, low-noise design, quiet sleep, time-saving.

Hydrogen generator working principle
The principle of the household hydrogen inhalation is to decompose water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis of water, and then filter it through a filter to remove impurities and oxygen, and finally obtain high-purity, high-concentration hydrogen. The functions of household hydrogen inhalation machines include antioxidants, relieving inflammation, improving sleep, relieving fatigue, improving immunity, etc., and play an important role in physical health.  

Hydrogen inhalation standard inlcuding: 1 machine, 1 hydrogen &oxygen inhale nasal cannular, 2 hydrogen inhale nasal cannular,1 user manual,1 drain-pipe,1 power cord.

Hydrogen inhaler optional accessory to choose:
Hydrogen dissolved rod 
Hydrogen breathing machine hydrogen goggle and ear plug.


Best Molecular Hydrogen Gas Generator Inhalation Machine Dr.wellness 1500ml YL-1500

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